Mini Wires

P 3(1) 1st Punter’s Welcumen Jeremy. Harsh coated, 8.5 mth, dark brindle dog. Well balanced with nicely proportioned head and bright expression. Well angled front and rear with sufficient ground clearance. Oval ribbing of fair length. Strode round the ring in confident manner, presenting a good outline. Good length of stride and true fore and aft. Very well presented. Would prefer a touch more forechest and better feet. Promising pup. BP. 2nd Neate’s Beaucat Exfactor. 8mth Red dog of different type. Pleasing head with lovely dark eye. Well placed shoulders. Good ribbing and bone. Coat at a difficult stage. Better forechest than 1 but needs to relax on the move as it spoilt his outline.

J. 3(1) 1st Lancaster and Miller’s Pellismer Sno Big Deal. 16mth brindle bitch. Lower type than I prefer but much to admire. Feminine head with sweet expression. Excellent forechest. Well placed shoulders and good length of upper arm. Oval ribbing carried well back. Moved with confidence showing excellent reach and drive from well let down hocks all the time keeping a good outline. Good bone for size. Moved a touch wide in front. 2nd. Adams Angelholm Figaro. 13mths Brindle dog of taller type. Good hard condition. Well proportioned head with pleasing expression. Correct coat. Oval ribbing. Nice outline once he relaxed but not the drive of 1.

PG. 4(1). 1st.Betteridge’s Brindeckel I luv Lucy at Sylvax. 16mths, Harsh coated brindle bitch. Nice head of good proportions and expression. Prominent forechest. Well sprung ribbing of fair length. Moved freely holding a good topline. Carrying a touch too much weight over shoulders causing her to move wide in front and would prefer more turn of stifle.

2nd. Murrey’s Brindeckle Furrari. 5yrs masculine dog of nice type. Well proportioned head set on fair length of neck. Oval chest with good length of ribbing. Needs to relax on the move but preferred his overall shape and type to 3. 3rd Neate’s Beaucat Wire of the Wisp.

L.4(1). Lancaster and Miller’s Drakesleat Ott Stuff Pellismer. Very appealing 14mths B/T bitch. Similar in type to her kennel mate in Junior with same admirable qualities. Move true fore and aft and with enthusiasm using her well let down hocks to advantage. Coat needs a little work. Pushed her older kennel mate hard. RBOB. 2nd Boyn’s Brindeckel Ballykissangel. 17mths Harsh coated, brindle bitch of larger type. Good head, bone and ribbing. Moved well but lacked the hind angulation of 1. 3rd. Punter’s Welcumen Temptation.

O. 2(1) Lancaster and Miller’s Drakesleat Stone me Pellismer. 2.5yr old Brindle bitch of lovely type. Typical head on good length neck. Oval front with prominent forechest. Well placed shoulders and good length of upper arm. Tight elbows. Well sprung ribbing of good length. Flowing under and topline. Correct depth of chest with good ground clearance. Hocks well let down. Moved well once settled. Preferred her type and balance to limit winner BOB.

Judge. Gina Hardy (Kushwin)