The S.D.A. is one of my favourite societies, always a friendly and welcoming group of enthusiasts, and a well run show. I thank my steward Nick Shone for oiling the wheels so well. There were some lovely hounds to assess and I enjoyed my day. Thanks to the exhibitors who accepted my findings as good sports.

A.V..Veteran Mins. 5(1)

There were some wonderful oldies in both the veteran classes and all were presented in good condition.

1st. Broads “Jenwood Ring Of Bells” aged 8+. A clear red Min Longhaired with lovely balance and construction and he moved with strength and purpose and really enjoyed himself.

2nd. Duchesne’s “Scardell’s Ringmaster” Another Min L/h aged 12+ with a brindle colour. Very well for his age. Perfect teeth, in full coat and a credit to his owner.

3rd. Burke & Rossiter’s “Barok Ballerina”

 A.V.Veteran Standard 7

1st Barrett-Boyce’s “Brockelwood Clementine” (B.V.I.S.) A Wirehaired bitch not showing her age which is 11+ years. In fine fettle, moving well. Good outline held both standing and moving. Intelligent head, enjoying the expected sausage.

2nd. Goad’s “Meganhol Abracadabra” 9 year old B/T Smooth. Low to ground. Has correct angles front and rear and moved with purpose. Good mouth and super temperament with an active tail.

3rd. Jesse’s “Yatesbury Nocturn”


The judges of the breeds had sent through some really lovely hounds, and any could change places another day. My choice for this day was the charming Min Smooth red bitch Reed’s “DEERCROFT DEVOTION“. She has a feminine head, good mouth, excellent front and hind angulation, and a well-covered body held level both standing and moving which she does well. A pleasing picture.


Hedge’s “Roleta Red Boots To Shine For Silandajo. A red Smooth dog of substance and strength. 3 years old and in his prime. Very typey and strong. Excellent shoulder and prosternum, Underline correct, lots to like about this Dachshund. Moved well too!


Seath’s “Boloria’s Kaleena at Sunsong”. An evenly maturing W/H with a good head and expression, strong neck and body. Good coat beautifully presented and shown. She has good angles and uses her quarters well when moving around the ring. Promising.


Punter’s “Welcumen Jeremy” A 9 month old Min Wire and full of himself. Showed off his many good points to advantage. Good head and quarters moving very well. Correct coat and well presented. Another promising youngster.

A.V. Audrey Bishop Mem Stakes Spec Begn. 10 (4)

1st Rees & Joans’ “Octavia Dawn At Kierpark” A shaded red min smooth of balance and quality. Moved beautifully and very cooperative with owner. Front assembly very good with well placed shoulders and tight elbows, good forechest, and correct underline.

2nd. Starkey’s “Carpaccio Top Of The Class at Hamoura” The only Standard in the class. He has type and quality and is balanced both standing and moving. Happy dog.

3rd. Butler’s “Lilaclily Twist of Fate”

A.V. Elizabeth Heesom Mem. Stakes. 5 (2)

1st Barratt-Boyce’s “Brocklewood Clementine” Winner of Veteran Std. Stakes

2nd. Butler’s “Lylaclily New York Diamond” B/T Min Smooth bitch in lovely condition. I would have preferred a slightly larger head, but her body is really impressive with balance and soundness.

3rd. Jesse’s “Yatesbury Nocturn”

A.V. Puppy. 14 (6)

1st, Yeomans’ “Klynerbyner True To Form” M.S. Dog. A B/T and very sound balanced mover, full of “self importance”. Attractive head and correct depth of body. Great condition.

2nd. White & Dinnis’s “Brengor Lady Lily Jeanne”. A B/T min smooth in fabulous condition, coat shining in the sunshine, rich tan where needed. Only 8 months old, so she has some maturing to do, but when it happens, she should be nice.

3rd Spencer’s “Chelridge Christabelle

A.V. Nov. 2 (1)

Yeomans’ “Tythe Brown Sugar At Klynerbyner”. A Choc. & Tan M.S. bitch. A charming dog, a bit on edge to start with, but she soon got it together. Lovely angles which she uses well when on the move. Fabulous colour and condition.

 A.V. Post Graduate. 9 (5)

1st. West’s “Ardennun Stanleys Girl” A B/T min smooth. Good head, neck and body. Lovely and level on the move. She is a good example of the breed.

2nd. Young’s “Hartlake Marjory Seedling at Youngline”. Yet another M.S. B/T. Very similar comments apply to this hound, I just preferred the slightly smaller size of the 1st placed.

3rd. Butler’s “Lilaclily Twist of Fate”

A.V. Open

1st. Mayger’s “Woolsock Black Satin”. Stood alone in this class. What a lovely bitch she is. 7 years and doesn’t look it. Is in fine form and most attractive. One of the best movers. She pleased me from nose to tail.

Di. Moate.