Southern Dachshund Association: 20th June 2010

Thank you everyone for a super day. I had a record entry and some very nice dogs to judge. I was delighted when my Best of Breed went on to win Best in Show.

I was looking for a hound capable of doing the job for which it was bred, with breed characteristics, but without exaggeration. I didn’t find any dogs overly thin, and I was impressed by the lovely clean teeth they all had, but what I did notice was that a few of the exhibits had loose facial skin giving a wrinkled, puzzled expression. It’s something I’ve not seen before and I felt it spoilt the lovely clean outline these dogs are meant to have.

Minor Puppy 11 (4)

1 Punter Jentiri Dark Pepsi Kola Welcumen

Well constructed red bitch, lovely head and length of neck, well sprung, deep ribbing, moved with drive keeping a lovely outline at all times. Best Puppy

2 Williams & Jones Cwmdarhian Billy The Kid

Attractive looking dog, lovely head, well angulated fore and aft, moved with drive keeping a level topline. I just preferred the slightly more mature bitch puppy, but two very promising youngsters.

3White & Dinnis Brengor Lady Lily Jeanne

Puppy 12 (2)

1 Salisbury Willowheath Just William at Brocklewood

Lovely red dog, good front, super length and spring of rib and well let down hocks. He moved steadily, even when his handlers changed several times. I just hope he stays within acceptable weight limits as he has a big frame.

2 Yeomans Klynerbyner True To Form

Nicely constructed black and tan dog, good shoulders, ribbing and well balanced all through. He just needs to settle in movement, but time is on his side.

3 Callow Garthorne Dyson

Junior 10 (3)

A mixed class, 3rd and 4th were nice puppies that need to settle, but deserve to be mentioned.

1 Willowheath Just William at Brocklewood

2 Muggleton Mosiato Beautiful Belle

Just out of puppy this compact red bitch had a good forechest, lovely shoulders with good length of upper arm, and good hind angulation and movement. Very nice dog. 

3 Hughes Batendach Coppa Rose for Julidachs

Post Graduate 11 (5)

1 Burton Swingletrees Ready Teddy Go

Well constructed red dog, gorgeous head, good depth all through and his height to length ratio gave him the lovely free flowing movement that completed the picture.

2 Butler Lilaclily Summer Tempest

Smaller black and tan bitch, nicely constructed and moving well, just preferred the better balance of 1.

3 West Ardenrun Stanleys Girl

Limit 10 (1)

This was the best class of the day with some really quality exhibits and difficult choices had to be made.

1 Shuker Yewlitt Amelia

Loved this elegant black and tan bitch, she was very close in the final line up, but wasn’t in her best coat today. Lovely front assembly, excellent shoulders, prominent forechest, and long well sprung ribbing, moving with reach and drive.

2 Seath Sunsong Sea Mist

Nice black and tan bitch, good length and depth of ribbing, and good movement, but just felt that she was a little too low to ground.

3 Punter Jentiki Kendle for Welcumen

Open 5 (1)

Two very nice red girls headed this class, and I was splitting hairs between them.

1 Reed Deercroft Devotion

I thought this bitch was beautiful, everything I was looking for. She was very well constructed all through with nothing exaggerated or over done. Both stacked and on the move she was the complete picture and her balance and ring presence won her the class and BOB. I was delighted when my fellow judge awarded her Best in Show.

2 Callow Garthorne Gazania Res BOB

Well constructed bitch, good length of ribbing and lovely angles, I just preferred the more balanced height to length ratio of 1.

3 Bursey Willowheath Bliss with Hartlake

Maureen Poole (Judge)