BIS Kent’s Barrantini Jeeves at Lokmadi, miniature smooth B/T dog, lovely head, correct eye. Correct mouth. Prominent forechest. Enough bone for size although feet could be better. Well angulated hindquarters, correct tailset, good top and underline, well ribbed, moved well.

RBIS. Higgins Leveliss This Charming Man, B/T smooth dog, would have preferred a stronger temperament but this is very nice exhibit. Masculine head and good eye, well constructed forequarter, enough ribbing, good top and underline, correct tailset, hindquarters OK, good mover.

BPIS Hunt’s Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio. 8 month B/T smooth dog, upto size but a lovely balanced well-made puppy. Lovely head, excellent forequarter construction, well angulated hindquarters, good tailset, prefer touch more ribbing for length, feet and bone OK. Moved soundly.

RBPIS Gibson’s Allfreys Rock of Gibraltar. Nicely sized 8-month wire dog. Well-balanced, lovely head with correct eye and good mouth. Excellent coat. Enough bone for size, prominent forechest and well laid shoulder, Correct hindquarters, good tailset, good ribs, moved out well.

AV Veteran Miniature. (3)

1st Earley’s Yelva Wilhelmina to Warway. B/T long, pretty head, enough forechest, shoulders OK, good topline and tailset, enough bone, feet could be tighter.

2nd Broad’s Jenwood Ring of Bells red dog, left his coat at home, beautiful head and eye, enough forechest, angles front and back OK, good ribbing, moved well in front, excellent extension behind.

AV Veteran Standard.(10,2 abs)

1st Hunt’s Ch/Ir Ch D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio. C/T smooth dog, lovely balance, masculine head, enough forechest, good hindquarters, well ribbed, tailset a touch high, moved out smartly. BV

2nd. Barrett’s Abbeydac Sorrel at Lowjinks. Excellently coated brindle wire male. Lovely bone and feet. Well ribbed, prefer touch more forechest, good hindquarters, lovely tailset, sound steady mover.

AV Audrey Bishop Memorial Puppy Stakes (7,4abs)

1st Furneaux Bokra Mikado. Well grown red dog. Excellent bone and nice feet, masculine head, enough forechest, good top and underline, enough coat. Moved out well really enjoying his day.

2nd Starkey’s Cwmdarhian Through to Theo for Hamoura. 8 mth B/T smooth dog. Lovely head and eye, good forechest, feet a bit flat, good hind end, topline OK, just a tad too long for balance for me.

AV Elizabeth Heesom Memorial Open Stakes (6,2abs)

1st Kent’s Lokmadi Steffy Byng, B/T min smooth bitch, feminine head, prominent forechest with well laid shoulder, well angulated hindquarters, enough bone and feet OK , correct topline and tailset, moved soundly.

2nd Punter’s Jentiki Kendle Welcumen. Red min smooth bitch, Lovely temperament, touch lower to ground that 1, has enough forechest, good bone and feet, good top and underline, moved out well.

AV Dachshund, Special Beginners. (5,1abs)

1st. Starkey’s Carpaccio Top of the Class at Hamoura. B/T smooth dog, masculine head, enough forechest and shoulders OK, good topline, tailset a touch high, prefer more angled hindquarter. Feet could be tighter.

2nd Didn’t stay for critique.

AV Dachshund Post Graduate (0)

AV Dachshund Open.(1)

1st Punter’s Welcumen Jeremy. Rather unsettled brindle min wire dog. Excellent coat, correct topline and tailset, feet could be tighter.

Anne Moore (Judge)