L/H Dachshunds:

MP (4,1) Good class, very little to choose between. 1. Fricker’s ‘Dachslur Crimson Sunset’, 7 mths sh/red bitch, well shaped head, feminine with clean lines, correct mouth; good length of neck with well-filled front, good length of upper arm and well angulated, good length of ribbing with smooth underline, moves true coming & going with good length of stride; good bend of stifle & nice tight feet, as a youngster still a little loose & immature in movement but has promise BP. 2. Surrell’s ‘Bokra Masquerade’, 7 mths sh/red bitch, similar comments apply as above; lovely head with good lines, well placed ears & dark eye, perhaps carrying a bit more weight & movement not quite as fluid as 1, but all 3 show promise for the future.

P. No Entries.

J. (4,2) 1. Duchesne’s ‘Darsoms Zane of Scandell’, young male of good size just out of puppy, head a little broad but dark eye & correct mouth, good length of neck with prominent sternum, upper arm ok & good length of rib, smooth underline & level topline held on the move; good angulation, tight feet & moved true coming & going RBOB. 2. Burke & Manston’s ‘Bonavoir Independence’, 13 mths feminine bitch, preferred size & lines of head to 1, typical expression, good depth of chest, upper arm ok & good length of rib; moves well but would prefer more strength in rear to give more drive, coat in lovely condition.

PG. (5,3) 1. Chapman’s ‘Melminds El Matate’, B/T bitch of good size with well shaped head, good earset with dark eye & correct mouth, good length to neck with well-filled chest, would prefer more length to upper arm, smooth underline, good in profile & level topline on move but would prefer more angulation at rear. 2. Fricker’s ‘Seahaven Asiring Annie at Dachslur’, B/T bitch with attractive head & correct mouth, good depth of chest & ribbing well extended, upper arm ok but bit weak in pastern, movement ok coming & going but would prefer more angulation at rear.

L. (5,3) 1. Chapman’s ‘Melminds Mr Magoo’, Red Male of good size, dark eye & correct mouth but head a little plain, would prefer softer lines; good length of neck, well filled front & tight feet but would prefer more length of upper arm, good length of rib, moves well overall & holds level topline on the move but needs more angulation at rear for drive. 2. Burke & Manston’s ‘Bonavoir Trade Secret’, B/T Dog of correct size, with well shaped masculine head, good depth to chest & length of rib but as 1 would prefer more length of upper arm to give reach; moves ok but loses topline on the move & lacks drive from the rear, shown in good condition.

O. (8,3) 1. Eldridge & Swann’s ‘Metadale Morgen Hof’, Sh/R dog of good size & well proportioned, head generally ok but a little plain, correct mouth & dark eye, good length of neck into well set shoulders & good length of upper arm; well filled chest good ribbing, lovely in profile with level topline, moves true coming & going with drive BOB. 2. Pankhurst’s ‘Marshwick Cloudy Morning at Danward’, attractive dog of correct size with well shaped masculine head & dark pigment, good neck & front, length of upper arm ok but slightly lacking in angulation, tight feet & good length of rib, moving a little close coming & going but held a level topline, shown in good condition.