I have only positive comments on the overall presentation which was very high. Coats were all in gleaming condition. Mouths were all good and teeth were for the most part clean.

It was an extremely hot day and handlers did an excellent job keeping their dogs cool and comfortable.

Minor Puppy D/B (1)

1st Pearson & Oakley’s Ardenrow Christmas Carol.

6 months S/R bitch with a lovely head, beautiful expression & dark eyes. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, good front, excellent body, kept a good top line when moving.

Stood alone but a worthy winner.

Puppy D/B (2)

1st Mead’s Minimead Maid Sweetly.

B/t bitch with a feminine head. Arched neck running into well placed shoulders. Tight elbows,

Correct oval front good ribbing and well angulated rear quarters. Kept a level top line on the move. B.P.

2nd Dunlop’s Siouxline Tamsin of Glicker

Junior D/B (3)

1st Kent’s Lokmadi Steffy Byng

B/t bitch with a lovely head and expression, long neck and good shoulders. Well ribbed body with a good topline. Moved out and back with reach and drive.

2nd Rollinson’s Cwmdarhian Sweet Dolly

3rd Wand’s Cwmdarhian The Back Up Plan

Post Graduate D/B (8)

1st Hunt’s Cwmdarhian Carry On Cleo At Carpaccio J.W.

B/t bitch, beautiful head, with the darkest of eyes, elegant neck and correctly placed shoulders. Good depth of keel, well ribbed body. Well angulated hind quarters. Presented an overall balanced picture. Moved confidently and at one with her handler. R.B.O.B.

2nd Rogers & West’s Veronica Pearl

3rd Lee’s Sylvenlea Sunshine

Limit D/B (4)

1st Hughes’ Minimead Maid To Love For Julidachs

B/t bitch, feminine head and expression. Good shoulders, fore chest, and ribbing.

Moved with drive keeping a level topline.

2nd Punter’s Jentiki Kendle Welcumen

3rd Settle’s Siouxline Christopher Robin

Open D/B (2)

1st Kent’s Barratini Jeeves At Lokmadi

B/t dog, handsome head, dark eyes. Strong neck and good shoulder placement. Good depth of body. Well muscled hind angulation, Pleasing outline both standing and moving. B.O.B.

2nd Hunt’s Carpaccio Captain Scarlett

C. Geraldine Brace