Many thanks go to The Committee for inviting me to judge for them, I had a wonderful day and the hospitality was superb.

Minor puppy 1

1 Punter’s Welcumen Imagination 7 month male who is very much the baby at the moment. He moved and stood well, presenting a nice overall outline.

Puppy 2

1 Lancaster & Miller Pellismer Deals A Winner 8 month brindle bitch, what a character, lovely to go over, she really showed her self to the full , moving well with confidence, keeping a Level topline and one to watch for the future . BP

2 Adams’ Angelholm Aida .

Post Graduate 3

1 Lancaster & Miller Drakesleat Ott Stuff Pellismer 2 year old bitch , feminine head ,good dark eye& neck well laid shoulders , good front overall a well balanced bitch who moved well.

2 Adams’ Angelholm’s Figaro.

3 Neate’s Beaucat Exfactor

Limit 4 ( 1 )

1 Punter’s Welcumen Jeremy Lovely male almost 2 years old. Excellent coat, correct head and reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good front assembly . Good length of rib, good hind movement. Moved out well keeping topline at all times. BOB

2 Betteridge Brindeckel I Luv Lucy At Sylvax

3 Goodsell Welcumen Teddy Bear

Open 2

1 Johnson- White Molloney Connie Feshions Mit Gioia ShCM 4 Year old bitch loved her temperament, goodhead & expression, but what really came through with her was her sound movement, she simply motored round the ring and really looked as if she enjoyed her day showing. RBOB

2 Lancaster & Miller Drakesleat Stone Me Pellismer

3 Goodsell Welcumen Teddy Bear


Junior Handling

6-11 years, Chloe Lashmar who handled really well considering this was her first show. She carried out my instructions with no problems. Completed a big triangle exactly as I requested, she brought her dog to free stand and was attentive to her dog. A little lacking in confidence but bearing in mind this was her first show I was really pleased with her overall performance.

Junior Handling 12-16 year

1 Elliot Haywood Very confident lad in the ring had complete control over his dog at all times he knew how to handle his dog correctly and had excellent ring presence. Accurate and straight on pattern work. His table work was excellent and he emanated a calmness that went down the lead. 2 Henry Littleworth Another confident young man but I found that he was not quite so accurate at setting his dog up. He carried out the pattern work with accuracy and also carried out my instructions, but then his dog became distracted on the table which allowed the dog to bark several times at other dogs. I’m sure that had Henry used more voice control the dog would have behaved and then it would have been a very close call between both handlers.


Best Junior Handler was Elliot Haywood.


Keep up the good work all of you


Lynda Billinghurst