Many thanks to the committee for their excellent hospitality, to my steward Liz Harrap for her quiet efficient manner and the exhibitors for their entry. A picturesque venue on the edge of the village green, a beautiful summer’s day, this is what makes our hobby so enjoyable. Win or loose a lovely day out. I was delighted with my BOBs and to see the Standard Smooth go on to be RBIS & and the Miniature to go BPIS.


MP D/B (:no entries.) P. D/B (1:0). J. D/B (3:1). 1:Lovick-Gibbs:

Roleta The Lewis Goodbye. Red bitch of lovely quality and type, she had the correct

height to length ratio, lovely head, eye & expression. Excellent amount of fore-chest,

clean elegant neck leading to level top-line. Well angulated hindquarters, correct tail-
set, standing true on good feet. Moving with a long free stride I was happy to make

her RBOB. 2: Watsons: Roleta To The Letter. Litter brother to 1 but not as mature in

body as bitch. Pleasing in head and eye with well set ears. Not as well constructed in

front as 1, well angulated quarters and correct tail-set, moved out well. PG.D/B.(6:3)

1:Higgins Leveliss. Saucy Sailor. Quality black & tan of different type. Upstanding

male with a lot of ring presence. He presented a good well balanced outline. I loved

his head and super front assembly. His top-line was good leading to powerful

hindquarters which he used on the move. True parallel movement both coming and

going away with good ground clearance. He impressed both standing and on the

move, well handled to take BOB & RBIS. 2:Valentines: Amlida Elise. Red bitch who

still has some maturing to do. Pleasing head & expression. Would like thorax to be

more full & oval but this may improve with time. Good top-line and body shape.

Moved OK. 3. Grahams: Gameron State Of Play. L.D/B (3:2) 1 Grahams: Gameron

Simply Red. Red dog of 5 years. Conical shaped head which meets the standard,

correct eye and well set ears. Clean through the shoulder, would like a little more

length to upper arm. Strides out well and holds top-line. O.D/B (4:1).Higgins: CH

Leveliss What She Said. Bl/t bitch. I liked the make and stamp of this bitch. She had a

feminine head, good eye and well set ears contributing to an appealing expression.

Long neck, so clean through the shoulders. She held a strong top-line when moving.

Excellent amount of fore-chest, good bone and sound parallel movement, just lacked

a bit of sparkle when in the challenge and had to give way to the younger exhibits.

2:Starkeys:Carpaccio Jasper From Hamoura. Bl/t male still has some maturing to do.

Liked his head, eye and expression. Close to ideal proportions for length to height,

and showing adequate ground clearance. Still needs to mature in body. Moves out

freely and keeps his shape well in profile. 3: Lovick-Gibbs: Tealby Pride N’Predudice

Now Roleta.


MP. D/B (1).1; Reeds: Deercroft Summer

Serenade. Red bitch of 6 months old. She stood out for me, appealed for type and I

found her quite lovely. So full of promise. Correct size, loved her head and super

front assembly. Correct length to height and showing adequate ground clearance. Top-
line firm and held on the move. Standing on good feet. Moved out freely with correct

parallel movement. She must have a great future, BP. BOB. BPIS. P.D/B.(3:2). 1:

Simms & Grant: Arwel Lliw Haui. Chocolate dog puppy of 8 months. Behaved

himself very well at his first show. Nice head and expression. Top end of the weight ,

enjoying his day out. J.D/B.(4:2).1: Deercroft Spring Promise. Bl/T bitch of lovely

quality. Correct head with sweet expression. I liked her neck and top-line which she

held at all times. Strides out well holding a good outline. A little more ground

clearance would complete the picture.

2: Protheroe; Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple. Shaded red dog

of different type. Masculine head, firm top-line held on the move, just needs to firm

behind. PG, D/B.(8:3).1:Hughes; Julidachs Jocasta. Quality black and tan bitch who

appealed for type. Presents a well-balanced picture. Super head, eye and expression.

Presented a good outline and held top-line on the move. Well-angulated hindquarters.

Moved out freely to take RBOB. I see she is by the same dog as my BP & BOB.

2:Phillips; Lokmadi Leading lady For Daxphilly. This black & tan bitch impressed

in outline, perhaps a touch long in back, but moving she firms and shortens. Showing

adequate ground clearance she strode out well. Preferred the overall balance of

1.3;Wests:Archidax Bonneville. L.D/B.(5:3).1Hughes Batendach Coppa Rose For

Julidachs. Mature red bitch of 4 years. I liked her head, eye and expression, set off

with well placed ears. Holding a good outline and firm top-line when moving she

presented a pleasing picture both standing and on the move. .2 : Whitney: Arbennik

Scarlett Fury. Shaded red bitch with pretty head, topped off with large ears which,

gave her a typical Daxie expression. Would like a little more to her front assembly.

Good quarters and happy temperament. O.D/B.(5:2) 1. Protheroes: Am. Can Ch.

Grandgables Ms Melting Moments At Royalmaple. Shaded red bitch nicely

made .Pleasing expression , immaculate front assembly, strong top-line held both

standing and when moving. She does not show herself very well and lost out in the

challenge.2. Protheroes: Am. Can.Ch. Grandgables Ms French Kiss At Royalmaple.

Black and tan bitch from the same stable as 1 Preferred the make and shape of 1. I

liked her head & eye, she was compact and well bodied and moved out well.3;

Whitney: Arbennik Scarlet Fury.