Dachshund Smooth Haired

Minor Puppy (3/2)

1st Hunt’s Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio. 6mth B/T bitch. A very classic head on a long reach of neck. Well laid back shoulders and spot on angulation both front and rear. Moved with great rear drive, showing pads while maintaining her top line. Pleased to award her RBoB and BP then see her go RBPIS. She looks to have a promising future

2nd Valentine’s Tiffwazz Robin. 11mth B/T bitch. Proved to be very timid, not settling on the table. She was too distracted while on the move to show her best  thus proving difficult to properly assess. Up against a youngster who did not put a foot wrong.

Puppy (2/2)

1st Raggett’s Amlida Vantage for Dansila. 10 1/2mth red dog. This young man was well constructed with excellent front and rear angulation but was not totally cooperating with his handler. He moved with a reasonable drive but needs to keep his head up to show off his best.

2nd Watson’s Amdila Ascari. Litter sister to above. She was very nervous making her difficult to properly assess but she did show some good movement but needs far more confidence and relaxation to present the correct picture.

Junior (1/1)

1st Hunt’s Carpaccio Trouble in Store. 17 mth B/T dog. This was a good solid type of Dachshund, great angles, front and rear, and a prominent forechest. He maintained his topline on the move but just throwing a leg occasionally. Thought he might be my best of breed but refused to cooperate with substitute handler in the challenge then with own handler. Today, Norman was not going to play.

Post Graduate (5/4)

1st Graham’s Morailsa return to Sender to Gameron. 21 mth B/T dog.  A very soundly constructed dog of lovely proportions and a great head, driving out well while maintaining his topline. If I am being picky, the drive could be a little more forward but was pleased to award BOB then see him go RBIS

2nd Marsh’s Bonavoir Amaryllis at Marshwick.  2yr B/T bitch. A slightly smaller version of the winner but also one with sound construction and movement. Kept her top line as she moved.

Open (1/1)

1st Lovick-Gibbs Gameron in Kahoots with Roleta. 4yr Red bitch. A well constructed front but with a head slightly too small for my liking. I felt she was a little short in the middle rear angulation but she moved out with drive, keeping her top line as she did so.

Dachshund Minature Smooth Haired

Minor Puppy (2/2)

1st Protheroe’s Formula Uspema Ginger at Royalmaple. 6mth Red bitch. At first glance, this is a very unassuming looking bitch. Soundly constructed both front and rear, she just blossomed when she moved and it was to die for. Considering this was her first show, she has such presence.  With maturity this will be a bitch to seriously watch in the future. BPIB

2nd Endersby’s Mowbray Airs and Graces. 9mth B/T Bitch. Very pretty bitch with sound front and rear angulation coupled with good movement. For me, she is a touch long over the loin.

Puppy (3/2)

1st Tryhorn’s Moragden Moonstruck. 10mth Red bitch. A compact, well constructed bitch who moved out with drive maintaining a level top line. On any other day, she would have gone best puppy  but met a minor puppy of such class.

2nd Whitney’s Charlinea Blake Buttons. 9mth Red dog. A great head and front/rear angles and also sound on the move but a touch long in the loin for me.

Junior (6/5)

1st Burke & Manston’s Radclyffe Zathera. 15mth Red bitch. A bitch with a great deal of confidence and top draw construction. She was elegant at all times, moving with easy and drive while holding her top line. A real look at me about her. She was part of a very strong line up. Very pleased to have had the chance to go over her.

2nd Reed’s Deercroft Deep Secret. 16mth B/T bitch. There was so little to choose between this bitch and the winner. She just lacked a little of the confidence and sparkle of the winner but still a classic example of what I was looking for in the breed.

Post Graduate (10/6)

1st Hughes’ Siouxline Tiana to Julidachs. 18mth Red bitch. Very well proportioned from her elegant head through well laid back shoulders and correct angle front and rear. She moved with real drive, keeping her top line. Another great example of the breed.

2nd Smyth’s Hoddernstorm Silver Duster at Morrow. 4yr Silver dapple dog. This little man was very well constructed although a little nervous on the table. Once on the move, he really showed his socks off. I would like a touch more strength in the rear muscles.

Limit (7/7)

1st Protheroe’s Royalmaple Anky Panky. 22mth Red dog. There was very little I could fault in this dog. I look at my notes and they say great to everything.  On any other day this could have been my BoB but he came up against my open winner in stunning form. RBoB

2nd Reed’s Deercroft Summer Serenade. 2 1/2yr Red bitch. A compact and elegant bitch with great front and rear angulation. She moved out with good for reach and rear drive. A close call in a good class.

Open (2/2)

1st Hunt’s Carpaccio Blithe Spirit. 14mth B/T bitch. Wow. What a little cracker. This young lady had everything you should be looking for in this breed. Everything had the wow factor as she stacked and moved so I had no hesitation in awarding her  BoB It was a pleasure to have my judgement confirmed by the Best in Show Judge who awarded her BIS. I gather she is well on the way to her title. It will not be long in coming.

2nd Bourne’s Yaapeet Persephone. 2yr B/T bitch. A soundly constructed bitch who moved with drive but not the polish of the winner.