A huge “thank you” from SDA’s Officers and Committee to everyone who helped us at Discover Dogs over the past weekend.

Dachshunds were, as always, incredibly popular and all the dogs were so well-behaved, being admired, photographed and cuddled.

Most visitors were asking sensible questions and there seemed to be more people who realised that, if they were out at work all day, having a dog would have to wait until they could give it more time. Typical questions we were asked, included:

  • Can they walk very far with those little legs?
    • YES – they need lots of exercise; at least an hour a day and you will be tired before they are
  • Are they good with cats?
    • YES – if they are introduced as a puppy (and remember, the cat will be in charge)
  • Are they OK in a flat?
    • YES – providing you have a garden or somewhere to take them to relieve themselves and exercise
  • Are they noisy?
    • YES!
  • Do they get on with other (bigger) dogs?
    • YES – if they grow up with them, but they can be rather intimidated by big dogs if they meet them out on walks
  • Can they be trained?
    • YES – if you start young and are consistent (just like any other dog)
  • Can I cuddle one?
    • YES – see photos below!

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