BIS Ch Phaeland Special Driver at Rijobeau
RBIS Hella’s Ozlem at Sunsong (IMP.NOR)

SDA Open Show 2017 (42)
BPIS Carpaccio Midnight Lace
RBPIS Meganhol Black Musketeer of Leveliss
SDA Open Show 2017 (44)

BOB Ch Phaeland Special Driver at Rijobeau
RBOB Wanderhund Moon Dragon
BP Meganhol black musketeer of Leveliss

Mini smooth
BOB Ch Ayseebee rumour has it
RBOB Radclyffe Zathera
BP Carpaccio Midnight Lace

BOB Wardax Indian Summer by Bonavoir
RBOB A Touch of Magic at Marshwick
BP –

Mini long
BOB Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM
RBOB & BP Nagshall Just Lucamac

BOB Hella’s Ozlem at Sunsong (IMP.NOR)
RBOB & BP Boloria’s Trick or Treat

Mini wire
BOB & BP Emem Gloria Sunshine
RBOB Bassodon Zugzwang