The Southern Dachshund Association is planning to run a seminar/workshop on 29th September 2018. The venue will be Pirbright Village Hall, near Guildford. At the moment, we’re still considering what topics to include but the day will be designed to provide information and advice to new and potential Dachshund owners. You won’t have to be a member of SDA to come along.

We’d like your help to shape the final agenda and content. The format is likely to involve a series of presentations combined with hands-on help and advice workshops for small groups.

The seminar will not be tailored to teach potential judges about the Breed Standard.

Please let us know which of the following topics would be of interest to you:

  • The origins of the breed, why they are the shape they are, what they were bred to do and how they fit with modern lifestyles
  • Advice for buyers; what to look for and questions to ask
  • Rearing your new Dachshund puppy; diet, exercise and socialisation
  • Keeping your Dachshund fit and healthy; basic grooming and husbandry
  • Considerations for breeding from your Dachshund; mating, whelping and rearing puppies
  • Understanding health and genetics; all about DNA testing, health screening (IVDD, Eyes) and how to decide what tests to do
  • Coats and colours; all about the genetics of Dachshund coats, colours and patterns

Please let us know by completing the survey (2 questions only), here.