Southern Dachshund Association CH Show 24.03.2018
I would like to thank Southern Dachshund Association for inviting me to judge at their CH show and all the exhibitors for their entry. I found a couple of borderline bites and a few with dirty teeth; otherwise all dogs were well turned out and in good condition. I was pleased to see my BPIB go BPIS in Standard Wires.
Dachshund Wires
Veteran Dog or Bitch (1,0): 1st Mrs R Clifford’s Abelbody Razzmatazz; 9 year boy with masculine head. Good forechest, correct lay of shoulder, length of ribbing. Well angulated hind quarters with plenty of drive. Would prefer a better top line. BVIB.
Puppy dog (2,0): 1st Mrs L Adams’ Wyldetarn Shoot from the Hip; stunning 12 mth old boy, with very neat outline. Correct should placing with good length of ribbing and keel. Moved true front and rear, good harsh coat.
Nothing exaggerated with this boy. Beautifully handled. BPIB & BPIS. 2nd Mrs J Dean’s Brontillow Gallant Stuart; 11mth old dog with lovely masculine head and expression. Good length of neck. Good forechest and length of ribbing. Good ground clearance. Slight narrow going. Unfortunately little bit fidgety today, top line still needs to settle.
Junior Dog (2,0): 1st Mrs L Adams’ Wyldetarn Shoot from the Hip; as puppy dog above. . 2nd Miss C Gibson’s Allfreys London Look; 16mth old very happy young dog. Good head, shape of eyes. Good long neck, forechest, ribbing and length of keel. Held a good top line on the move. Good harsh coat.
Post Graduate (2,1): Mr V Botond’s Q-rrens-Dax Enzo Topazo; 3 year old dog of nice proportions, lovely length of ribbing, would prefer better should placement. Good bend of stifle. Good harsh coat and moved out well holding a good top line.
Limit Dog (3,0): 1st Miss C Gibson’s Allfreys Here’s Looking at you; 20 month old dark brindle, excellent coat. Good head, lovely long neck, good forechest, shoulder placements, correct ground clearance. Lost top line slightly on the move, good drive behind. Beautifully handled. 2nd Miss D-E Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta ShCm; Very
happy 4 year old boy. Lovely masculine head. Good forechest, slightly upright shoulder placement. Good length of ribbing. Held a good top line on the move.
Open Dog (2,0): 1st Mrs S Seath’s CH Zlowfox av Larhjelm at Sunsong (Imp Nor): 5 year old dog. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Very well balanced with correct ground clearance. Good shoulders with not too much prosternum. Could have little bit more length of ribbing. Correct hind angulation. Held a good top line on the move, driving powerfully from well-muscled behind. Elegant outline, beautiful coat and handled superbly BOB. 2nd Mrs D Webb’s Bassjoy Take a Chance on me at Diadene (Imp Malta); I liked the head & expression of this 5 year old dog. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Correct front and ribbing. Hind movement unsettled the top line and not moving parallel.
Minor Puppy bitch (1,0): 1st Miss C Gibsons Allfreys Helena; Well covered promising happy 7mth old girl. Good head, long neck, good forechest, would prefer longer ribbing. Good hind angulation. Top line needs to settle.
Good coat. Beautifully handled RBPIB
Junior Bitch (3,2): 1st Miss J Rowe’s Boloria’s Trick of Treat; 20 mth old bitch. Good feminine head and lovely expression. Good reach of neck, Good forechest, should placement. Would prefer little bit more length in ribbing. Moved well and expertly handled. RBOB. 2nd Miss C Gibson’s Tendrow as Time Goes By; 15 mth old red bitch.
Good head and good reachy neck. Good forechest and shoulder placement. Would prefer slightly more ribbing and length of keel. Moved out with drive and enthusiasm
PG Bitch (3,2):Mrs R Clifford’s Ablebody Maybe Maybenot; 5 year old bitch. Good feminine head eyes. Lovely length of neck, good forechest and good shoulder placement. Good length of ribbing. Slightly tucked under behind, which affected movement and topline.
Limit Bitch (2,1): Mrs J & Miss R Rowe’s Boloria’s Tiger Lily; Nice 3 year bitch of correct type. Good feminine head and gentle expression. Good length of neck, would prefer more width at the front. Good forechest, would like more length in ribbing. Moved well with good reach and extension. Expertly handled.
Open Bitch (2,0): 1st Mrs S Seath’s Nor CH Gando av Larhjelm (Imp Nor) Almost 3 year old lovely well balanced bitch of good proportions. Good ground clearance. Good reachy neck, correct front and shoulders. Would prefer a little bit more length of ribbing as well as drive on the move. 2nd Mrs J Dean’s Brontillow Grace Darling; Lovely elegant 2.5 year old bitch with feminine head and good shape of eye. Good reachy neck, good forechest. Would prefer more length of ribbing.
Dachshund Miniature Wires
Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,1): 1st Mrs M Dance’s Emem all Het Up; 10 year old lady who can still show her socks off. Lovey feminine head, lovely temperament. Good forechest, shoulders. Good length of ribbing and angulation. Holds a very good top line on the move. BVIP. 2nd C Ward-Blower’s Willowmist Brown Sugar; 13.5 year old bitch of good proportions and all her teeth. Credit to her owner. Lovely temperament, good neck and shoulder. Would like a tad more ribbing and hind angulation, tucking under on the move.
PG Dog (2,1): 1st Mrs C Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist; 8 years old but still showing with gusto. Credit to his owner, happy, confident little boy. Nice masculine head. Good forechest, would like a tad more length in ribbing, tucking under on the move but moved confidently around the ring.
Limit Dog (1,0) 1st Mrs C Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist; as above.
Open Dog (2,0) 1st Mrs S Jones’ CH Bimini Starstruck; 3.5 year old well balanced dog of good proportions. Lovely masculine head. Long neck reaching to good shoulder. Good forechest, good length of ribbing and keel. Good underline, correct hind quarters. Moved around the ring with drive and purpose, expertly handled. BOB. 2nd Mrs C Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist; as PG Puppy bitch (3,1): 1st Mrs C West’s Byabye Brillare with Archidax; Lovely looking well balance dog. Lovely
long neck flowing to good shoulders. Despite being a sturdy young bitch, she had an elegant outline. Good length of ribbing, good hind angulation. Top line still needs to settle, handled very well. Won the class on movement.BPIB.
2nd Mrs S Ergis & A Merry’s Drakesleat Trial N’error for Siouxline; Lovely little girl. Good head and almond eyes. Good length of neck. Would prefer a better shoulder placement, and more length in ribbing. Held a good topline on the move.
Junior Bitch (2,0): 1st Mrs R Mullen’s Starhill Flirty Girty; A year old bitch of good proportions. Good feminine head and expression. Good forechest. Would prefer longer ribbing . Good hind angulation and nice outline. Lost top line on the move. 2nd Mrs S Jones’ Bimini Wish Upon a Star; Also just out of puppy, great looking bitch. Good
head and long neck to good shoulders. Good forechest. Good top line, excellent coat. Moved really well, unfortunately she did not enjoy herself today.
Limit Bitch (1,0): Mrs S Jones’ Bimini Blue Moon; Another lovely looking mini wire from this breeder. 1.5 year old well balance bitch, little bit longer than correct. Good feminine head, good forechest, shoulders and length of ribbing. Well-padded feet, correctly angulated behind, providing the required drive on the move. Held a good top
line on the move. RBOB.
Open Bitch (1,0): 1st Mrs M Dance’s Emem Gloria Sunshine; Loved the temperament of this just over a year old bitch. Excellent head and expression, good coat. Good length of neck, good forechest and shoulders. Good length of ribbing. Would like to see more drive on the move. Held a good top line and beautifully handled.

Minna Hagan (Follypaws)