Long haired 
Junior (1) Mrs ac booth & I a elsley
Abbalongdat under attack
Shown in good order pleasing head  dark eye good pigment  soft expression
good shoulder placement  well ribbed  strong over loin  topline held on the
move  moved with  purpose .
P.g (2)
(1)  Mrs ac booth &I A elsley
Abbalongdat  eagle
Good masculine head  dark eye  enough reach of neck good shoulder placement
well ribbed  level topline  strong quarters  showed well .
(2) mr a marsh .
A touch of magic at marshwick
Presented   in good order   Moved  well just preferred proportion  of first
Limit .(3)
1st s Burke & R manston .
Bonavoir ermintrude
Lovely size  no exaggeration  good head  dark eye  well pigmented ,soft
Well fronted good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulder   Well
ribbed back   Level  topline  Good. hind action   Very sound  moving around
the ring   B.o.b
Mrs a cbooth &  mr I a elsley .
Romeo rude to abbalongdat .
Slightly bigger in  size than first  pleasing head  good pigmentation  dark
eye  just preferred shoulder placement of first  moved well  shown in good
order .
(3) Mrs j Sutton  & mr b Pankhurst.
Lilia rose  at Damai .
Open (1)
Mrs a c booth & mr I  a elsley
Raphaela  rude to abbalongdat
Good size   Well set front  good shoulder placement well ribbed level
topline    Strong hind action   On the move  good proportions   Well
presented .r.b.o.b.

Mini long haired 
Minor puppy
(1) Mrs a Le Page
Thelepees pennyblack silk
Very sweet puppy good head    Well set ears  soft expression pleasing
shoulder  and ribbing   Good topline on one so young  just needs time to
settle on the move gave a good account of its self .
Puppy (2)
(1) Mrs s broad
Dinkidax Dionysus .
Gave a good account of its self good outline. Held on the move, Well
placed shoulder
Well ribbed   Good underline  moved with purpose   Shown in excellent order
&Best puppy
(2) miss J  hall & mr A Osbourne
Dinkidax all fired up .
Preferred  shoulder place of first  a little short in upper arm  and ribbing
showed well needs time to mature .
Junior (2/1)
Mrs c McCarthy .
Nagshall holly lightly go .
Pleasing head and expression a little short in upper arm for me held topline
when on the move  showed  well and in good order .
Mrs v.a. Earley
Sanmik charming chocolate of yelva
Again shown in good order similar remarks apply a Little short in upper arm
and rib just lost out on first over all
PG (4/1)
Mrs A Le page
Willow health freddy Mercury with thelepees .
Good head  dark eye  enough depth of front  good ribbing  topline and
underline held on the move  showed well
(2)Mrs c McCarthy
Nagshall love to be
Similar remarks nice expression  good outline  showed well .
(3) Mrs v a Earley
Willowheath silver queen of yelva
Limit .mr p Higgins
(1) crispfall night at Raines
Very sweet type, feminine  head lovely  soft eye  well set ears ,  well
settled front, good shoulder and ribbing, topline and underline held on the
move  sound quarters  showed  with purpose  B.O.B
(2) Mrs c McCarthy
Nagshall love constantly J.W.
Close up up to first  good over all. Good outline  moved well .
(3)eldmour sea Lord at dinkidudlor
R thelepees Polly ester
Vhc yelva mr brandy man
(1) mr P Higgins
Raines just jewels
Good size, pleasing head  good depth of front   Well ribbed  good hind
action  moved soundly
Mrs S Broad .
Neertanauf  sea manic JW shcm.
Gave a good account of himself, good outline just preferred first on the