I was honoured to receive the invitation to judge BIS for Southern Dachshund Association. I thank the committee for their hospitality and the stewards for competent management of the ring.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of line up for BIS.

Judge Lesley Brown (Devoncream)


Rowe’s Boloria’s Trick or Treat (WH)

True to type with correct proportions, this exhibit powered her way round the ring. Well-constructed front assembly with prominent prosternum, a good reach of neck into well-placed shoulders. Ample heart room and ribbing, strong loin with well-muscled rear angulation, allowing a straight driving movement. Produced in good hard condition, excellent coat and furnishings.


Dance’s Ch Emem Gloria Sunshine JW ShCm  (MWH)

A good example of the variety in miniature. Good coat and furnishings, has wonderful ground clearance and length of stride. Correctly proportioned, a proper hound. A pleasure to go over her.


Valentine’s Amlida Tamora To Tiffwazz  (SH)

Lovely example of her variety. Correct head with good ear set and length, dark almond-shaped eyes with a good reach of neck leading to well-set shoulders. Good dimpled prosternum with length of keel. Liked her ribbing and general outline. Well angulated rear with decent tail set. One to watch as she matures.


Rowe’s Bolorias Miss Dior (WH)

Another quality puppy not quite as mature but showing great promise. Good head with correct eye and ear set, prominent prosternum with well-sprung ribs. Very strong youngster moving confidently and with purpose.

BVIS   West’s Archidax Bonneville MSH


Veteran AV Dog  or Bitch  (Miniature)

Class 37 (5) 1A

1st  West’s Archidax Bonneville MSH

Smart moving 8 year old, elegant head with correctly shaped eyes and good pigment, good reach of neck into well set on shoulders. Good depth of ribbing with excellent top and underline. Well-muscled rump with true driving rear movement. Very pleased to award BVIS


2nd Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCm MLH.

Another 8 year old with pleasing outline and good movement. Lovely head and expression with reach of neck into well set up shoulders. Moves well keeping his topline, beautifully presented in good coat condition.

3rd   Le Page’s Rafthouse Iceman Amongst Thelepes MLH

Res Earley’s Rafthouse The Diva of Yelva MLH

Veteran AV Dog or Bitch  (Standard)

Class 38 (4) 1A

1st Higgins’ Leveliss Drink Down The Moon. SH

In top condition, gleaming coat, well-muscled 8-year-old bitch. Good classic head, neck sloping nicely into good layback shoulder.  Moved with purpose.

2nd  Clifford’s  Ablebody Razzmatazz

Loved this boy as a puppy, a joy to go over him now as a veteran.  Moved well with good ground clearance allowing his open striding movement. Just preferred the front of 1.

3rd    Cliffords Ablebody Maybe Maybenot.

Stakes Classes

Audrey Bishop Memorial Puppy Stakes Dog or Bitch

Class 39  (12)

1st  Ergis’ Merryline James Bond at Siouxline  (MS)

Lovely puppy to go over, still a little immature but has pleasing head and reach of neck. Moves with a good open straight stride and covers the ground well.   Loved his head with reach of neck into a nicely sloped shoulder, enough prosternum at this stage, good ribbing, an elegant little dog.  Still happy and doing his best at the end of a long day.

2nd  Dean’s,  Atahira Mocha Surprise for Brontillow (WH)

Another lovely example of a wire, liked her a lot. Good head with furnishings and a reach of neck into the shoulders. Would prefer a little more front.  Still on the immature side and needs to settle in the ring. Lovely to see puppies happy and moving well.

3rd.  Smith’s Brynfaw Grand Illusion (MS)

Class 40 Elizabeth Heesom Memorial Trophy. Open Stakes D/B

1st  Seath’s Sunsong Keep a Promise. (WH)

Correctly proportioned bitch in good coat. Classical head with super furnishings, good reach of neck into well-angulated shoulders.  Correct front assembly with dimpled prosternum, far-reaching keel and good spring of rib, the angulation and muscle tone on the rear of this exhibit contributes to the drive and purpose of movement, never falters keeping topline throughout.

2nd  Reed’s Deercroft Daybreak (MS)

Sound elegant bitch in gleaming condition. Moves well and takes the eye on the move. Good head, reach of neck and shoulder. Her spring and depth of rib leading to well-rounded rump allow her to move with purpose. Just preferred the front of 1.

3rd  Dean’s Brontillow Grace Darling (WH)

Class 41 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch.

1st   Rose’s Pennydach Mystique (MS)

Stacked and moved well.  A sound type, correct ear set with a nice dark eye, elegant reach of neck with nice layback of shoulder. Keeps top line nicely on the move, a little immature and just needs to ‘body up’. Handled and presented well.

2nd   Chapman- Reith  Wanderhund Lets Celebrate For Hayvenhund (SH)

Correct hound head with good ear set and eye shape. Good reach of neck flowing nicely into shoulders, well set up front assembly. Moves out well enough though I am sure with her hind angulation she could give more.

3rd  Rushton’s Tendrow Fancy Dancer (WH)

Class 42. Post Grad Dog or Bitch

1st  Le Page’s  Willowheath Freddie Mercury with Thelepees(MLH)

Smart little dog moved out well. Head with correct proportions lovely dark eye and good ear set, would prefer a longer reach of neck. Beautifully presented with a gleaming coat.  A little unsettled today and not helpful with stacking. Just needs a little more confidence.

Class 43 Open Dog or Bitch.

1st  Dean’s Brontillow Grace Darling.

Good harsh coat, good head and furnishings. Pleasing length of neck with a strong front assembly. Moved out well and with pace even at the end of the day.

2nd  Le Page’s Thelepees Polly Esther (MLH)

Beautifully presented with elegant overall impression. Pleasing to go over with correct proportions and sound movement.