My thanks to the friendly committee for a lovely day, my stewards for excellent work throughout the day and to the exhibitors for an excellent entry which turned out to be the biggest of the day even though we didn’t have CCs.

VET DOG OR BITCH(2,1a) 1.Reed’s Deercroft Secret Love, 9yrs b/tan bitch, nice head, dark eye, good clean mouth, level topline, tight elbows, good rear angulation, moved well. BV
MPD.(7,1a) 1.Charlesworth’s Keydax Peter Pan, 6mth red baby, a little soft in the rear but hopefully will develop given time. Lovely front assembly, nice head and neck, god topline and underline, showed so well.
BPD. 2.Rudkin’s Dynastydax Tarquin, 8mth s/red with nice head, good mouth, level topline kept on the move, good front and rear. Unfortunately nerves on the table cost him any chance of first place. 3.Strange’s
Stargang Magic Alfie Moon.
PD.(4,2a) 1.Reynold’s Normpug Black Moon, b/tan, moved and stood much better than during minor puppy, decent width and topline, moved ok. Shame he didn’t perform as well in minor puppy. 2.Charlesworth’s Keydax Orinoco, nervous 8mth dog, a little narrow in front with loose elbows, topline ok, good rear angulation,
moved ok.
JD.(1) 1.Reed’s Deercroft Dreamchaser, 14mth s/red, good mouth, nice head with dark eye, would like a little more length of neck, front and shoulders ok, good length of ribbing, rear angulation ok but moved a little close behind.
PGD. – no entries
LD.(5,2a) 1.Hunt’s Wolferlow George Brown at Carpaccio, nice ch/tan with good head and neck, good front with tight elbows, level topline, moved well, correct weight. RBD 2.Taylor’s Our Chocolate Chip, lovely outline, moved well but along with the third placed dog tipped the scales well overweight. 3.Charlesworth’s Keydax Leroy.
OD.(2,1a) 1.Ergis’ Siouxline Jacob JW, what a stunner, lovely conical head sat on a beautiful strong neck, big handful of forechest, excellent shoulders, good width throughout, nice ribbing, short loin, leveltopline and good underline, good hindquarters used to advantage as he moved so well. Pleased to award him BD and BOB
then watch him go on to BIS. Congratulations.
MPB.(8,2a) 1.Charlesworth’s Keydax Pixie, 6mth b/tan, lovely shape, level topline, good underline, beautiful head on good neck, front still needs to develop a little but ok, moved well. 2.Charlesworth’s Keydax Pennies From Heaven, similar comments to 1 with regard to front and topline, moved well. Preferred head of 1.
3.Oakley’s Chris’s Profiterole at Ardenrun.
PB.(5) 1.Rose’s Ardenrun Foolish Whisper, s/red, good front and shoulder placement, nice head and expression, good mouth, nice top and underline, well shaped hindquarters used well on the move. BPB and BPIB. 2.Hunt’s Carpaccio Mrs Bouquet, similar remarks to 1 just preferred the width in front of 1. Moved well.
3.Beer’s Stargang Candy Stripes at Lowrider.

JB.(5,2a) 1.Tree’s Keimantre Lola, s/red with nice head on strong well-muscled neck, good shoulders and front with tight elbows, good topline and underline but not such a good rear unfortunately, moved ok. 2.Smith’s Brynfaw Grand Illusion, nice head and expression, would like a little more neck, top and underline not as good
as 1, moved ok. 3.Bullis’s Amaffrey Aretha Franklin.
PGB.(10,1a) 1.Beer’s Charlinea Honeymoon Toast, s/red of nice shape, nice head, dark eye, good mouth, good neck leading into well placed shoulders, nice front and tight elbows, moved well using strong hindquarters and held topline throughout. Just a little unsure on the table. 2.Taylor’s Trageeda Tea Bag, b/tan, nice head, good front, level topline, good rear angulation, moved well. Pressed hard. 3.Rudkin’s Dynastydax Tiger Lily.
LB.(10) Strongest class of the day. Very even quality and some nice exhibits went unplaced. 1.Ergis’ Siouxline Rachel JW, another nice one from this kennel, beautiful head and expression, lovely neck, well placed shoulders and good front, good topline and underline, nice rear angulation, moved well. RBB 2.Fairchild’s Truly Madly Deeply in Love with Ardenrun, of slightly bigger build than 1, good front and shoulders, nice head,
dark eye, good topline, not quite the rear of 1 but ok, moved well. 3.Bullis’s Amaffrey Goodgolly Ms Molly JW,
OB.(7,3a) 1.Hunt’s Carpaccio Clarice Cliff, b/tan with lovely head and expression, nice neck flowing into good lay of shoulders, nice front, good ribbing, good topline and underline, nice rear hindquarters, moved out well.
BB and BOS. 2.Rudkin’s Dynastydax Periwinkle JW, nice head, good front assembly, level topline, good rear angulation, moved well. Not the underline of 1. 3.Turner’s Barryann Lady Jane.

Ian Negus