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The Story of Tailwise

Tailwise is a relatively new online service that is designed to match good breeders with suitable buyers. The website helps buyers find healthy puppies and to avoid puppy farmers or scams. If you’re an experienced breeder who always has a waiting list, Tailwise may not be for you. However, for any breeder who wants help to find responsible buyers, it could be a really useful resource. Founder, Sam Worthy, sent us his story…

The Tailwise story began when founder, Sam Worthy, found himself almost a victim to an unethical breeder. Having grown up with dogs he decided to become a dog owner for the first time himself, he crossed paths with a breeder that was cause for concern. The warning signs clearly indicated that the breeder was trying to profit from the sales of dogs and did not care for dog welfare or being transparent. This experience led to more investigation from Sam and sparked the idea for Tailwise.

The problems that were discovered in this research included:

  • Too many people were falling victim to puppy farming
  • There was no one to hold greeders accountable
  • Some new dog owners weren’t ready for the responsibilities they were taking on 

The Tailwise website is designed to combat these issues via education, functionality, and by supportive screening on both new dog owners and breeders, before allowing connections to be made.

The Tailwise team has been developing along with the product in order to generate a better process for the homing of dogs. Through our various channels we aim to educate, raise awareness and most importantly, support everyone that uses our platform. Our platform operates by allowing breeders to focus on bringing happy and healthy litters into the world, and then be connect to well-informed people who could provide suitable, forever homes for their pups. Tailwise aims to champion good practice and upkeep the welfare of your dogs.

Also if you would like to try out our breeder sign up – here is the linkI would be really interested to have your thoughts on it.

Sam Worthy (November 2020)

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