Josh Byrd’s photos from the SDA Championship Show – March 2019

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We are grateful to talented photographer Josh Byrd for taking pictures at our Championship Show last weekend. You can view his album at:

Woking photos.png


SDA Championship Show 2019 – photos of Best in Show winners

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Thank you to all our exhibitors who have given such positive feedback on our new venue at Woking Leisure Centre.

Best in Show: Wood’s Ch Wildstar Wrobinson JW

RBIS: Dare’s Ch Swansford Lionellador Darsom

SDA BIS 0319.jpg

Best Puppy in Show: Dance’s Emem Summer Sunshine

RBPIS: Ergis’s Siouxline Rachel

SDA BPIS 0319.jpg

Best Veteran in Show: Marks & Johnson’s Africandawns Night Hawk

SDA BVIS 0319.jpg

Car Parking directions for Southern Dachshund Championship Show at Woking Leisure Centre

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We look forward to welcoming members, exhibitors and other visitors to our show on 2nd March. Postcode for the venue is GU22 9BA.

Pre-paid parking tickets will be issued on arrival at the venue and must be displayed in your car.

When you turn off Kingfield Road (A247) into the Leisure Centre, follow the road all the way round to the green multi-storey parking area. The rear doors to the hall will be open and accessible from this car park. Do not park in the main parking area at the front of the centre as you will have a long walk to the hall (through the main Reception).

Woking LC Parking Map

If you haven’t pre-paid for a parking ticket, the venue allows 3 hours of free parking. Any longer than that and you will have to pay and display a ticket.

Southern Dachshund Association Championship Show 2019 – Entries close 1st February

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New venue – Woking Leisure centreSDA Champ 2019

Entry Form



Smooths with CCs Yvonne Kent

Longs with CCs: Andrea Callow

Wires with CCs: Jan Pain

Mini Longs with CCs: Anne Booth

Mini Wires and Mini Smooths without CCs: Dorothy Allam

Best in Show: Gladys Mead


Southern Dachshund Association Championship Show 2019 – Schedule

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New venue – Woking Leisure centreSDA Champ 2019

Entry Form



Smooths with CCs Yvonne Kent

Longs with CCs: Andrea Callow

Wires with CCs: Jan Pain

Mini Longs with CCs: Anne Booth

Mini Wires and Mini Smooths without CCs: Dorothy Allam

Best in Show: Gladys Mead


Lynda Billinghurst’s critique of Mini Long Dachshunds at SDA Champ Show 2018

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                                             SOUTHERN DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
24 MARCH 2018

Thank you to the Committee for my appointment, my exhibitors for such a great entry, and to my  Stewards Elizabeth Harrap and Susanne Crow. I found nothing to cause great concern but a few dogs were presented with poor dental hygiene and would benefit from a visit to the Vet.

VD/B  (6)

1 Youngs CH Willowheath Hendrix Nice dog enjoying his day out, good layback of shoulders, he has a neat front, tight feet and was shown in great condition   BV

2 Braces Xemxija Star Light  Nice bitch of good proportion, moved out well keeping a level topline presented in good coat.

3 Broads Neertanauf Sea Magic


MPD (2) 1 Absent

1 Phillips Summerview Yogi Bear what a lovely puppy he displayed a correct conical head and eye has a good reach of neck well sprung ribs and a level topline which he maintained on the move, good angulation. Good drive on the move and think this young lad is one to look out for in the future


PD (4 )   1absent

1 Phillips Summerview Yogi Bear BP

2 Pooles Findowrie Mr Bumble   Another lovely lad with a good head, eye, and mouth enough length of neck well proportioned body,  moved out well just felt his movement did not have the drive of the first placed

3 Youngs Willowheath Freddy Mercury


JD (4)

1 Latham-Jackson Dollyharp Purcell of Urishay B&T Correct head, good front, tight feet moved with purpose, still has lots of  time to mature   shame he didn’t put in the extra effort in the challenge

2 Youngs Dollyharp Rhythm And Blues  with Willowheath.Shaded cream, a very honest dog gave a very pleasing outline stacked and on the move, well balanced throughout.

3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Dannymac


PGD (5) 1 Absent

1 Pooles Findowrie Franchise Shaded red I liked this lad who is 18 months old, Correct shaped head and eye, good mouth. Enough neck with well laid shoulders.  neat front, moved and stacked  well. RCC

2 McCarthys Nagshall Just Lucamac JW Cream dog with the same good head , neck and topline of first  when stacked gave  a good outline but I preferred the movement of first.

3Broads Eldmour sea Lord At Dinkidudlor


LD(6) 1 Absent

1 Brookes Obdax Lynns BadgerJW   4year old Black dapple dog  Presented with a lovely coat  correct proportions throughout , moved well and showed a lovely outline.very well balanced dog.

2 Nortons Halunk going Dutch Nice red dog,  good front, tight feet ,Moved true keeping a good topline,

3 Earlys Lilacfen sonny delight Of Yelva


OD (7) 1 Absent


1 Woods Wildstrar Wrobinson JW The dog I could have taken home, Beautiful red male who was a pleasure to go over on the table, everything was in the right place with no exaggerations and when he moved he did so with drive and commitment he definitely  commanded his presence in the ring. Pleased to award him CC BOB and then he went on to RBIS

2 Brooks CH Lyndarlea Just Andy Cream dog with correct shaped head well placed eye and ear set, a little more length of neck for me, lovely ribbing  moved out well but first placed had the better drive on the day.

3 McCarthys Nagshall Just Santana


MPB (2)

1 Johnsons Charpurdys Dandy Duchess Lovely red girl ,nice to go over, has good angulation that she used to move soundly around the ring

2 French Kensteen Frosted Sprinkles  Lovely little puppy but as both exhibitor and puppy were new to the show ring  in fact it was their first experience on the day  it was a bit erratic to say the least, I was unable to assess her on the table and then in typical Dachshund fashion she decided she didn’t want to walk either. Ring craft is a must I feel, I only hope this has not put them off and that we shall see them again.  ( Mentoring comes to mind.)


PB (7)

What a lovely class

1 Johnsons  Africandawns Just Divine  Displaying correct head, front, topline, Looked lovely freestanding, moved true.

2Latham-Jackson Criscan Pound Foolish At Urishay  B&T  Good front, tight feet, level topline a baby tooth does need attention, Moved out true.

3 Pooles Findowrie Ribbons N’Roses


JB (4) 1 Absent

1Geesons Abydachs Alohomora What a pretty girl her face markings are lovely she looks as if she is all ready to go to a masked ball.  As one expects from these kennels she has the correct proportions height to length Correct head shape, enough neck, presented with a level topline and in excellent condition. Moved out well. RCC

2 Youngs Willowheath Summer Affair 15 month old shaded red she has a lovely outline stacked and on the move.  Another one shown in excellent coat but unfortunately  I did prefer the movement on first

3McCarthys Nagshall Santa Amelia


PGB (3) 1 absent

1Murpheys Dinkidudlor Petmar Purfect At Classidax  Nice shaped head correct shape and colour eyes good bite, enough neck, good shoulder and level topline, moved ok

2 McCarthys  Nagshall Santa Amelia Nice honest bitch, good overall outline, but a bit erratic on the move. Good coat


LB 8 ( 8 ) 1 absent

1 Worswicks Dollyharp Salut  D’Amour Nice cream bitch presented in beautiful coat, she has correct shaped head, lovely length of neck to well placed shoulders. Superbly well balanced throughout Super rear  angulation resulting in her driving around the ring. She held her head high at all times stacked and on the move. BCC & RBOB

2 Llocket -Walters  & Walters Crisp fall Night At Ralines  Nice red bitch very well presented. Would prefer a  slightly longer neck, she was lovely to go over  and moved out well holding her topline at all times.

3 Brooks Lyndarlea Vienna


OB (6) 3 Absent


1 Woods CH Wildstar Wynnona JW  Lovely Red bitch a litter sister to the open Dog winner  and much the same attributes apply. She was beautifully presented and moved with drive

2 Johnsons Charpurdy Just Ification   B&T bitch who looked a bit heaver but was well within weight. Good front and topline moved well Length of neck ok,

3McCarthys Nagshall Christobel



Lady Lynda Billinghurst









Southern Dachshund Association Championship Pictures by Josh Byrd

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We are grateful to Josh Byrd for taking lots of photos for us at last week’s show. If you’d like a high-res copy of one of the pictures or a photo session, please contact him by email at:

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