What is Daxaid? – Daxaid is about providing support and assistance to dachshund owners on a temporary basis. Help can take many forms – exercising the dogs, supervising them in the garden, popping in for a chat, or providing a home for the dogs for a short time. The owner might perhaps be facing a short spell in hospital or a family emergency, or be incapacitated for a short time. Daxaid can help relieve the worry and stress by providing help with the dogs.  [Download a leaflet]

Where is it? – Nationwide, wherever help is needed. Daxaid is supported by the Southern Dachshund Association. Daxaid is managed by Dachshund Rescue UK.

Can you make a difference? – Would you like to volunteer your help, compassion and dachshund expertise to dachshund owners in your local area who may be in need of short term support in an Emergency? Out of pocket expenses can be paid. If so, contact Chris for more details.

Daxaid is NOT a rescue service, it exists to help provide support for owners and their dogs on a temporary basis. Contact Dachshund Rescue here.

Daxaid update:

Many people have given their support to Daxaid since its foundation and response has been positive over recent years. In most instances the application forms have been filled in thoroughly so that we are able to see what people are willing to offer or how they can help. In cases of emergency, we are never likely to be able to predict what we will be asked to do, so it is necessary to have an idea as to which volunteer will be the most likely for us to contact.

I have been heartened by the response from clubs and support, sometimes financially, from various donations. For this reason and also because it was considered that Daxaid should stand on its own as quickly as possible, we have now set up a separate bank account in the name of Daxaid, which is up and running.

Another area that needed dealing with was the legal aspect which had been discussed at the Dachshund Clubs in the UK meeting. A lot of comment was aimed at Daxaid being in a position whereby somebody with a grievance could take legal action against us and we would not have been in a position to guard against this happening.

We have had a legal disclaimer worded by a solicitor that exonerates any Daxaid member from any legal proceedings as part of a contract with the person being helped, something that affected similar setups to Daxaid in the past. We are confident that this will cover any problems encountered, and was set up properly by a legal department.

Our role at this stage has mainly been talking to people and trying to reassure those that have contacted us in some way, and let them know that there are people in their area that would be willing to help out if they had an accident, or had to go into hospital, or whatever causes a problem with the care of their dogs. We have been able to provide cover in some cases.

Daxaid will hopefully go from strength to strength, but it relies on people interested to contact either me or any committee member of the Southern Dachshund Association to obtain details of how they can register with us. It is necessary that we contact all of the clubs so that we will spread the word and be able to make a database of helpers throughout the country.

I hope that you can see now that we mean to make Daxaid work and we have every chance to do so. I thank you in advance for your support.

[Christine Furneaux – Daxaid Co-ordinator]

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