Southern Dachshund June 2019 Open Show Schedule & online entries now available

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SDA Open Schedule.png

Online entries


Smooth & Mini Smooth: Annette Latham-Jackson

Long & Mini Long: Jennifer Little

Wire & Mini Wire: Gary Carroll

BIS: Lesley Brown


Entry Form


Long and Mini Long Dachshund critique – SDA Open Show June 2018

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Bill Evans - critique 0618.png

Sabrina Jones’s Smooth & Mini Smooth Dachshund critique – SDA Open Show June 2018

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I would like to thank all exhibitors for their quality entry and giving me the opportunity to assess their dogs.



No entries

PD or B (2)

1st Marsh’s Marshwick Ace of Spades, D, 11months well constructed with substance, pleasing head set on good reach of neck, well developed forechest, good length of ribbing and upper arm, good angulation, once he got going moved with drive and maintained his top line , true fore and aft, BP

2nd Burke & Manston’s Marshwick Black Duchess, B, elegant litter sister to winner and similar remarks apply, lighter framed and needs to strengthen in hind movement, two lovely puppies.

JD or B (1)

1st Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio, D, loved this dog when he walked into the ring and he didn’t disappoint on the table, well proportioned masculine head on good reach of neck, well angulated fore and aft with well developed fore chest, good length and spring of rib, enthusiastic on the move showing sufficient ground clearance and drive, had no hesitation to give him BOB.

PGD or B (1)

Valentine’s Tiffwazz Robin, B, feminine bitch, good length of ribbing and fair fore chest, moved parallel fore and aft.

LD or B (3)

1st Hunt’s Carpaccio Silent Siren, B, loved her body construction, feminine head set on good reach of neck, good lay of shoulder into excellent length of upper arm, good length and spring of rib, today I felt she was carrying little more weight than I prefer and subsequently I would have liked to see greater ground clearance, however she moved with long flowing strides, RBOB.

2nd Marsh’s Marshwick Harmony SH.CM , B , another nice bitch with a pleasing head but by comparison was a little less well angulated than the winner, good length and spring of rib.

3rd Valentine’s Morailsa Secret Script Tiffwazz

OD or B (1, 1)


MPD or B (3)

1st Hunt’s Carpaccio Clarance Cliff, B, only 7 months, lovely stamp,well angulated so well developed fore chest, good spring and length of ribbing , held her topline on the move , now just needs to strengthen behind.

2nd Bourne’s Yaapeet Theodora, B, 7 months, still quite immature and now needs to body up, fair angulation, unsettled on the move to start but settled to show good ground coverage and improved topline

3rd Oakley’s Ardenrun Affenbach

PD or B (7, 2)

1st Protheroe’s Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks, D, great ring presence  , strong houndy head  set on good reach of neck, well angulated fore and aft with well developed fore chest , good length of ribbing , moved freely with purpose , BP, thrilled to see him go RBPIS

2nd Rudkin’s Keydax Layla for Dynastydax, B, would prefer more lay of shoulder for better neck set but good length of upper arm, good ribbing, well angulated behind and moved well with drive.

3rd Protheroe’s Evil Edna

JD or B (3, 2

1st Protheroe’s Pigollo Teckel Never Say Never at Royalmaple , B , houndy but feminine , good reach of neck , well angulated with good spring and length of ribbing , moved with drive holding her topline.

PGD or B (9, 3)

1st Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Minimum, B good lay of shoulder, well developed fore chest, well sprung ribbing, moved positively and straight.

2nd, Taylor’s Our Chocolate Chip, D, very well constructed dog who moved well when his handler allowed him a little more freedom, well enough covered to enable him to slim to the desired weight,

3rdChapman -Reith’s Hayvenhund Along Came Polly, B,

LD or B (9,4)

1st Protheroe’s Royalmaple Daphne Blake, B, feminine but strong , houndy head , very good lay of shoulder with good reach of neck, well developed fore chest , good ribbing , strong bone , deep through body but with good ground clearance , moved true with drive and enthusiasm. BOB, delighted see her go RBIS.

2nd Rudkin’s Dynastydax Periwinkle JW, B, another lovely bitch and similar remarks apply, not quite as strong in head, bone or drive as the winner.

3rd Oakley’s Pamela Motown at Ardenrun

OD or B (5,1)

1st Hunt’s CH Carpaccio Midnight Lace JW, B, very well constructed feminine young Champion, short coupled with the best length of sternum and therefore good ribbing, good bone, lay of shoulder and angulation, moves well but would prefer more ground clearance,  RBOB

2nd Burke & Manston’s Radclyffe Acanthus, B, elegant , feminine but houndy head set on good reach of neck, well angulated with good length of ribbing but a little longer in loin than winner, moved well.

3rd Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate JW

Sabrina Jones


Clare Butler’s Wire & Mini Wire critiques for SDA Open Show 2018

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24TH JUNE 2018

Firstly, I need thank the Committee of the Southern Dachshund Assoc for putting on such a lovely, friendly atmosphere show….where everyone, judges, guests and exhibitors were made to feel really welcome. The show was very well organised – and the lunch that was provided was superb.


Overall I was very pleased with the entrants in both miniature and also the standard wirehaired dachshunds – a couple slightly plump and a couple who could do with a bit more weight and a couple with grubby teeth – but on the whole, the dogs were presented very well – thank you. I think some of them were struggling with the heat – and on a cooler day places may have been reversed on movement.




Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch      3 (0)

1st SUNSONG KEEP A PROMISE B – SEATH. Lovely bitch – 8 ½ months old. Lovely harsh coat, good shoulder placement and length of ribbing. Nice rear angulation – covered the ground well


2nd SUSSEXDAXI GOOSEBERRY FOOL FOR ABLEBODY D – CLIFFORD.  Lovely baby – just 6 months. Outgoing nature – and life is fun… Lovely head and eye – good length of neck and rib. A promising baby who should mature well.




Puppy Dog or Bitch      2   (0)

1st ALLFREYS HELENA B – GIBSON.  10 Month bitch. Lovely expression. Good shoulder placement and rear angulation. Good eye and head carriage. Moved with drive/purpose.  Pleased to award her Best Puppy in Breed – and then overjoyed that she went BPIS




Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1 (0)


1st ABLEBODY MAYBE MAYBENOT B – CLIFFORD.   Lovely 6-year-old bitch. Lovely head and eye with a soft expression. Nice length of rib and moved well. Nice harsh coat.


Limit Dog or Bitch   2   (0)


1st ALFREYS LONDON LOOK D – GIBSON. Super red dog, held his top line superbly on the move. Lovely strong masculine head and expression.  Lovely rear angulation – and moved out well owning the ring. Very happy character. Pleased to award him BOB.


2nd BOLORIA’S TRICK OR TREAT jw B – ROWE.  Lovely bitch of good type. Super temperament. Lovely reach of neck and length of ribbing.  Good harsh coat – just preferred the movement of the dog.


Open Dog or Bitch     4    (2)


1st ALLFREYS HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU D – GIBSON.  17 months old dog, lovely dark brindle – striking. Moved with purpose around the ring. Good head and ear carriage. Nice length of neck and ribbing. RBOB


2nd NOR CH. GANDO AV LARHJELM B – SEATH.  Nice sound bitch. Good harsh coat, shoulder placement and length of rib. Just preferred the movement of 1.







Puppy Dog or Bitch      3    (1)


1ST BARRANTINI JUST A RUMOUR ABOUT KINGSHEATH   B – NICHOLSON.    Lovely compact little bitch. Pleasing head and eye. Good length of neck and ribbing – smaller but perfectly formed. Covered the ground with ease – moved with purpose.  BPIB


2nd BELDREW FLORA AT AVON  B  – WEEKS. Lovely bitch with nice head and eye. Good furnishings for a baby. Nice length of neck and ribbing – just preferred the movement of 1.


Junior Dog or Bitch     3  (0)


1st STARHILL FLIRTY GIRL B – MULLEN.  Lovely brindle bitch. Good head and ear carriage. Nice shoulders and rear angulation. Moved with purpose around the ring.


2nd BYABYE BRILLARE WITH ARCHIDAX B – WEST.  Red bitch with good harsh coat. Nice length of ribbing but preferred movement of 1




Post Graduate Dog or Bitch    2   (0)


1st STARHILL FLIRTY GIRL B – MULLEN . As last class.


2nd BARRANTINI CARELESS WHISPER AT KINGSHEATH B – NICHOLSON.  Lovely bitch of good quality. Good length of ribbing – moved well.


Limit Dog or Bitch   2    (0)


1st BASSODON ZUGZWANG D – FURNEAUX. Nice brindle lad, lovely head and eye. Stood well in the heat. Good ear set. Nice length of neck and good ribbing. Would have liked a bit more weight on him. Moved well.


2nd BEAUCAT EDDIE TOR D – NEATE. Red dog. Good length of ribbing and shoulder placement. Nice rear angulation. Well covered. Moved well.


Open Dog or Bitch    5   (2)


1st ENEM GLORIA SUNSHINE B – DANCE.  This bitch lives up to her name – she is a ray of sunshine. She owns the ring as she enters. Lovely expression, good length of neck and ribbing. Good coat, shoulders and rear angulation. Moves with purpose – like a dream. BOB

2nd BRINDECKEL I LOVE LUCY AT SYLVAX B – BETTERIDGE.  Lovely little bitch who is a credit to her owner. 9 years old… super expression and furnishings. Lovely coat, good shoulder placement and length of ribbing. Well covered – lovely precise movement.







Lloyd Cross’s Best in Show and Variety class critique – Open Show June 2018

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Southern Dachshund Association Open Show – 24th June 2018

Best In Show & Varieties

Judge: Lloyd Cross

I would like to thank the committee of the SDA for the invitation to judge BIS & varieties at their summer Open show help at Pirbright on a lovely sunny summers day. Great atmosphere and all exhibitors seemed to have enjoyed their day. Well done the Southern on another lovely show! I was delighted with my winners and very encouraged to see so many people getting involved in the ‘have a go at showing’ – well done SDA for getting behind this – the breed certainly needs some new and enthusiastic exhibitors as numbers are sadly dwindling in the current climate.


Miniature Veteran D/B (5,1)

  1. Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic JW Sh. CM – Beautifully presented shaded red m/l dog in wonderful coat and of lovely proportions. Sound construction with elegant lines. Moved correctly forward and aft. Well handled stood out in this class. Unlucky to meet the top quality Standard veteran in the challenge for best veteran.
  2. Earley’s Rafthouse The Diva of Yelva – in good form and condition at 11 years of age – chocolate dapple m/l holding a good outline and level topline on the move, moved soundly.
  3. Betteridge’s Brindeckel – I Luv Lucy at Sylvax (m/w).


Standard Veteran D/B (4,1)

  1. Hunt’s Champion Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio – Std Smooth dog that caught my eye from the off. Super sound construction, excels in front assembly, great sweep of keel, tight elbows, correctly angulated shoulders flowing into a level topline and neat underline, great length of body, correct ribbing/loin, and super well-angulated hindquarters which he used to great effect on the move. For one that had not been in the show ring for2 years, as I was told, certainly knew his craft. Delighted to award him best Veteran & in the challenge for BIS stood out as the class act of the day, many congratulations on a lovely champion dog that I was given the pleasure of going over – BIS.
  2. Seath’s Champion Sunsong Whisper A Promise – Std Wire of beautiful proportions, very sound front assembly, correct shoulders and flowed into a lovely topline, correct barrel ribbing and nice underline. I was certainly not surprised to read after the event that he was also a champion and may I say a very worthy one. On the day I preferred the hindquarters of the winner and would have preferred a harsher coat. But I did like him a lot.
  3. Clifford’s Ablebody Razzmatazz (Std Wire)


BEST VETERAN – Hunt’s Ch. Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio




BEST IN SHOW – Hunt’s Champion Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio


RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Protheroe’s Royalmaple Daphne Blake (Miniature Smooth) A classy elegant red bitch of correct size and proportions, good overall balance and a lovely outline on the move. Good substance, lovely feet, good expression, correct eye and head shape, lovely topline held at all times. Nicely angulated hindquarters, good movement. Very well handled to make the most of her. An eye-catching girl who demanded attention. In the challenge unlucky to come up against such a top-quality std smooth whose overall front construction I preferred but I was delighted to award her a much-deserved RBIS.


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Gibson’s Alfrey’s Helena a beautiful standard wire puppy of great overall construction, lovely size – not over big – lovely head, eye and neck – had elegance and style and correct flowing hound lines. Super correct harsh coat – beautifully presented and well handled at all times. Stood well on the table and in free stand on the ground, loved her effortless movement and positive drive. Best front of all the puppies present. Will watch her progress with interest in what has become one of the stronger varieties of the breed.


RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Protheroe’s  Royalmaple Fiddlesticks – Super smart b/t mini smooth dog who also caught my eye. Lovely smart elegant lines – great length of body, good head and eye, chunky hindquarters and lovely level topline held at all times – in the challenge I preferred the effortless movement of the winner but one that will certainly do very well, indeed I’m sure both BPIS & RBPIS already have!





Audrey Bishop Memorial Puppy Stakes D/B (7,4)

  1. Seath’s Sunsong Keep A Promise – Standard Wire baby puppy of great style & quality. Very sound throughout. Good angulation fore and aft, lovely level topline and underline at all times nice flow of shoulder into topline, correct length of ribbing, nice head and eye, sufficient front at this stage. Look forward to watching her progress.
  2. Rudkin’s Keydax Layla for Dynastydax – min smooth b/t bitch who I thought lovely, still very much a baby but I liked her a lot. Stunning outline and well balanced, a quality little one which is something I particularly like in min smooths, great substance and balance yet still the correct size in a variety that is pushing the weight limits in a lot of top exhibits. Good front and shoulders, lovely flowing lines and nicely angulated h/quarters. Just needed to settle on the move. One I would like to own. Will certainly do well. Well handled.
  3. Oakley’s Ardenrun Affenbach – Min Smooth.



Elizabeth Heesom Memorial Open Stakes D/B (4,2)

  1. Rowe’s Boloria Trick or Treat JW – Lovely Std Wire bitch of elegant lines. A good mover. I like her overall construction and she has sound construction all through.
  2. Hall & Osbourne’s Dinkidax Midnight Charmer – b/t min long of elegant outline, good topline held at all times and sound hindquarters would like tighter elbows and for me a little upright in shoulder.


Special Beginners D/B (3,1)

  1. Hall & Osborne’s Dinkidax Midnight Charmer
  2. Chapman-Reith’s Hayvenhund Along Came Polly – min smooth bitch of a good size. Handled and moved well but lacked a level topline standing and on the move.


Post Graduate D/B (2,0)

  1. Taylor’s Our Chocolate Chip – min smooth dog of nice lines, excellent outline standing on the table good head and shoulders, nice toppling and sound hindquarters. Was a little tucked up on the move but construction won him the class.
  2. Mullen’s Starhill Flirty Girty – min wire of nice size – good outline in the stack just lacked better turn of stifle and the overall hindquarter construction was not strong enough. Moved OK.






Southern Dachshund Association Open Show 2018 winners and photos

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BIS Judge : Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)

Best in Show – Hunt’s Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio

Reserve Best in Show – Protheroe’s Royalmaple Daphne Blake

2018-06-24 13.27.15

Best Puppy in Show –  Gibson’s Allfreys Helena

Reserve Best Puppy in Show –  Protheroe’s Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks

2018-06-24 13.43.10.jpg

Best Veteran in Show –  Hunt’s Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio

2018-06-24 13.45.27.jpg

Miniature Smooth Haired – Sabrina Jones (Bimini)

Best of Breed – Protheroe’s Royalmaple Daphne Blake

Reserve Best of Breed – Hunt’s Ch Carpaccio Midnight Lace JW

Best Puppy Protheroe’s Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks

Miniature Long Haired – Bill Evans (Evandax)

Best of Breed – Broad’s Neertanuaf Sea Magic JW

Reserve Best of Breed – Earley’s Yelva King of the Road

Miniature Wire Haired – Clare Butler

Best of Breed – Dance’s Emem Gloria Sunshine

Reserve Best of Breed – Mullen’s Starhill Flirty Girty

Best Puppy Nicholson’s Barratini Just a Rumour about Kingsheath

Smooth Haired – Sabrina Jones (Bimini)

Best of Breed – Hunt’s Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio

Reserve Best of Breed – Hunt’s Carpaccio Silent Siren

Best Puppy Marsh’s Marshwick Ace of Spades

Long Haired – Bill Evans (Evandax)

Best of Breed – Burke & Manston’s Bonavoir Ermintrude

Reserve Best of Breed – Marsh’s A Touch of Magic at Marshwick

Wirehaired – Clare Butler

Best of Breed – Gibson’s Allfreys London Look

Reserve Best of Breed – Gibson’s Allfrey’s Here’s Lookin at You

Best Puppy Gibson’s Allfreys Helena

Fun in the sun for our “Have a go at dog showing” event today

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We were pleased to welcome 11 novice exhibitors to our “Have a go at dog showing” event held in conjunction with our Open Show, today.


Sue Seath and Becki Rowe were the instructors and Chrissy Gibson helped out as the guest judge for the day. This event was for anyone who hasn’t shown before or who has less than a year’s experience and who wanted to find out what’s involved in showing a Dachshund.

Chrissy, Sue and Becki talked about how to show your dog in a typical show class and what the judge will expect your dog to do. Participants received a handout covering…
– How to fill in an entry form.
– What equipment you will need for your dog at the show.
– What to do when you arrive at a show.
– A description of judging procedures.
– What to do if you win a class.
– What to do after your class.

Everyone also received a Certificate and a small gift as a “thank you” for taking part.

Showing Guide for beginners

What do we do for our members and their dogs?

SDA All about Dachs

Older Entries

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